WA: Leaf rust in wheat near Gairdner, South Coast

7 Jul 2017 | Rust alerts, WA

Wheat leaf rust (WLR) has been found in tillering Harper wheat near Gairdner on the south coast of WA. It was a widespread crop infection.  James Bee from Elders commented that he had observed several pustules on the older leaves on multiple plants in multiple paddocks across the farm. He had only observed WLR on this one farm which was growing Harper, Cobra and King Rock wheat varieties.

Growers and consultants are urged to check wheat crops for WLR and the likelihood of finding this disease will be greater if;

  • Leaf rust was present in the area in 2016.
  • Wheat volunteers, which may have carried over last season’s WLR inoculum, were present nearby in summer/autumn.
  • A seed dressing or in-furrow fungicide with protection against WLR wasn’t applied.
  • Wheat varieties sown are susceptible (S) to moderately susceptible (MS) to WLR. In this case Harper is rated moderately resistant moderately susceptible (MRMS#) to WLR as an adult, Cobra is rated moderately resistant (MR) and King Rock is rated MS#.


WA Contacts

Central Agricultural Region
Geoff Thomas
Plant Pathologist
Dept of Agriculture & Food, WA

Northern Agricultural Region
Ciara Beard
Dept of Agriculture & Food, WA

Southern Agricultural Region
Kith Jayasena
Dept of Agriculture & Food, WA