WA: Barley and wheat leaf rust

17 Jul 2017 | Rust alerts, WA

Plant pathologist Andrea Hills (DPIRD) has reported finding barley leaf rust (BLR) on Oxford, Flinders, Maltstar and Granger plants at a DPIRD trial site near Gibson. The plants are at the stem elongation stage. Esperance agronomists have also reported that Oxford barley crops in the Esperance area are also being affected by BLR.

Local Esperance agronomists have reported about low levels of wheat leaf rust (WLR) in a crop of Mace in the eastern area of the district.

WA Contacts

Central Agricultural Region
Geoff Thomas
Plant Pathologist
Dept of Agriculture & Food, WA

Northern Agricultural Region
Ciara Beard
Dept of Agriculture & Food, WA

Southern Agricultural Region
Kith Jayasena
Dept of Agriculture & Food, WA