WA: Barley and leaf rust persist

20 Oct 2017 | Rust alerts, WA

King yin Lui (Curtin University) reports finding leaf rust in Bass barley crops near Williams. The barley was at ear emergence.

Barley and wheat leaf rust prefers temperatures ranging from 10-22°C and when leaves are frequently wet from dew or rain.

The likelihood of economic return to fungicide application is dependent on variety susceptibility, severity of infection, weather outlook for the next three weeks, yield potential and growth stage of crop. In general sprays after flowering (into grain fill) are less likely to provide economic return, particularly if warmer drier conditions are possible in the next few weeks. It is also important to remember issues around withholding periods associated with fungicides; this information is available on product labels.

Growers also need to consider potential disease carryover into the 2018 season if leaf rust is not adequately treated this year and if summer cereal hosts are not controlled. Barley leaf rust needs living plant tissue to survive to infect the new crops.

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Geoff Thomas
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