Queensland Contacts

Greg Platz
Principal Plant Pathologist
Agri-Science Queensland
Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries
Warwick, QLD, 4370

Stephen Neate
Principal Plant Pathologist & Winter Cereals Pathology Team Leader
Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries
Warwick, QLD, 4370

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Queensland publications

Queensland Wheat Varieties Guide 2017

Queensland rust resistance ratings

Below are tables outlining the rust resistance of common wheat and durum varieties in Queensland. To check a variety’s resistance, you can use the search function at the top of each table, or scroll through the list. The tables can also be sorted into alphabetical order by using the arrows in the heading.

This information is current as at March 2017.


Baxter (bread/noodle)MRMSSMSS
Brennan (forage)MS-RMR
Coolah (bread/noodle)RMRMRRMR
DS Faraday (bread/noodle)RMRMRRMR
EGA Bounty (bread/noodle)MRMSMR
EGA Burke (bread/noodle)MRMSMSS
EGA Eaglehawk (bread/noodle)RMR-MRMS
EGA Gregory (bread/noodle)MRMRMR
EGA Kidman (bread/noodle)RMR-MRMS
EGA Stampede (feed)RMRMRMSMR
Elmore CL Plus (bread/noodle)MRRMRMRMS
GBA Hunter (feed)RMR-MRMS
Hartog (bread/noodle)MR-MS
Kennedy (bread/noodle)MRMRMSS
Lang (bread/noodle)RMSMS
Livingston (bread/noodle)MRMSMSSMRMS
LongReach Crusader (bread/noodle)RMRRMRMS
LongReach Dart (bread/noodle)MRSMR
LongReach Flanker (bread/noodle)RMRMRRMR
LongReach Gauntlet (bread/noodle)RMRMSSMRMS
LongReach Gazelle (soft)MRMRMR
LongReach Impala (soft)RMRSVSMR
LongReach Lancer (bread/noodle)RRMRMR
LongReach Spitfire (bread/noodle)MR*MSSMR
LongReach Reliant (bread/noodle)RMRMRMS
Manning (forage)MRMRMSRMR
Mitch (bread/noodle)MRMSSVSMR
Petrel (forage)MRMSMSSMS
SQP Revenue (forage)RMRSVSR
Strzelecki (bread/noodle)MRMS-MR
Sunguard (bread/noodle)RMRMR
Sunmate (bread/noodle)MRMSMSMRMS
Sunmax (bread/noodle)RMRMSRMR
Suntime (bread/noodle)MRMSRMR
Suntop (bread/noodle)MRMRMSMRMS
Sunvale (bread/noodle)RMRSMR
Sunzell (bread/noodle)MRMSMS
Wallup (bread/noodle)MRMSSVSMRMS


VarietyStemLeaf rustStripe rust
CaparoiRMRRMR (p)MR
HypernoRMRRMR (p)MR
JandaroiMRMRMS (p)MR

VS = Very susceptible, SVS = Susceptible to very susceptible, S = Susceptible, MSS = Moderately susceptible to susceptible, MS = Moderately susceptible, MRMS = Moderately resistant to moderately susceptible, MR = Moderately resistant, RMR = Resistant to moderately resistant, R = Resistant.

Information from the NVT Queensland Wheat Variety Guide, available online here.