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Rust Alerts – 2015 season

Australia: New wheat leaf rust found in WA + cereal rust update
Wednesday October 21, 2015

A new pathotype of wheat leaf rust has been found in WA for the first time this season, prompting a warning that as rust continues to mutate and travel, more varieties may become susceptible and growers need to continue monitoring. The pathotype 104-1,3,4,6,7,8,10,12 +Lr37 was first detected in South Australia in August 2014, and has since spread throughout much of the eastern Australian wheat belt. This pathotype was identified in samples of leaf rusted wheat collected from four separate locations in the northern region of the WA wheat belt in late September 2015. Full details in the Cereal Rust Report (volume 13, issue 4).

Samples of all cereal rusts have been received at the Australian Cereal Rust Survey at the University of Sydney’s Plant Breeding Institute. Full details in the Cereal Rust Report (volume 13, issue 5).


Australia: Stripe rust situation at mid-spring
Friday September 25, 2015

Since the last Cereal Rust Report, stripe rust has been reported in crops from all wheat producing states except Tasmania. Infections were noticed within a few weeks of each other in Queensland, southern New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia, suggesting the disease started in four distinct locations in 2015. With stripe rust present in most states all growers are reminded to monitor crops and submit samples of any rusts found to the Australian Cereal Rust Survey. Full details in the Cereal Rust Report (volume 13, issue 3).


WA: More wheat, barley and oat rust being found
Friday August 28, 2015

Reports from WA’s PestFax newsletter indicated more rust is being found in that state. In particular, wheat stripe rust has been found on Wyalkatchem and Westonia. Wheat leaf rust has been found on Mace and Yitpi. Wheat stem rust has been found on Calingiri. Barley leaf rust has been found on Hindmarsh and Compass, while crown rust has been found on Carrolup oats. Full details are available in PestFax.

SA: Stem rust found in Yitpi wheat
Friday August 28, 2015

20150828_122757 web

Dr Haydn Kuchel, General Manager of Research & Development at Australian Grain Technologist (AGT) sent Rust Bust this picture of stem rust (right) in susceptible wheat variety Yitpi growing near Roseworthy in SA’s mid-north region. Another reminder that you must be monitoring crops for rust now!

Australia-wide rust reports highlight importance of crop monitoring
Wednesday August 19, 2015

All three types of rust – stem rust, stripe rust and leaf rust – have been found in crops of wheat, highlighting the importance of crop monitoring and early management.  Leaf rust has also been found in barley crops, and stem rust and crown rust in oat crops. Rust Bust media releases.

SA: Stripe rust hotspot
Monday August 17, 2015

Twitter user Richard Fabry (@richard_fabry) advised of a stripe rust hot spot in Mace wheat at Long Plains in South Australia.

Rust pathotype update: Cereal Rust Report
Monday August 17, 2015

This follow up report provides details on the rust pathotypes which have been found in cereal crops to date in 2015. Of note is the recovery of wheat leaf rust pt. 104-1,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,12 +Lr37 from Victoria and South Australia. This pathotype was first detected last year, in SA, and is considered to be of exotic origin. Growers are encouraged to monitor crops and send samples in for pathotype testing. Full details in the Cereal Rust Report (volume 13, issue 2).

Barley and wheat leaf rust both found in SA: Crop Watch
Friday August 14, 2015

Barley leaf rust, which can survive on stubble via the Star of Bethlehem weed, has this year been found on the Fleurieu Peninsula, SA. It was previously thought this only occurred on the Yorke Peninsula. Wheat leaf rust has also been found near Bool Lagoon in the South-East of SA. SARDI advises to monitor crops. Full details in the Crop Watch newsletter.

Rust detected in every growing state in 2015: Cereal Rust Report
Tuesday August 11, 2015

Stripe rust has been reported from southern Queensland and Wagga Wagga in NSW and wheat leaf rust has been reported in every wheat producing state. Please read the current Cereal Rust Report (volume 13, issue 1).

Barley leaf rust also detected in WA
Friday August 7, 2015

Twitter user Quenten Knight sent the Rust Bust these pictures of barley leaf rust developing in Bass barley East of Condingup.

Rust on barley Condingup WA 7 Aug 15 2   Rust on barley Condingup WA 7 Aug 15

Rust on Scope Barley YP SA 7 Aug 15 Scope barley showing signs of leaf rust in SA
 Friday August 7, 2015

Reports via Twitter user Sam Holmes of barley leaf rust on  Scope barley on the Yorke Peninsula.


Further reports of rust in barley and wheat in WA
Sunday July 19, 2015

More reports of rust in wheat and barley in WA: growers urged to act before disease severity increases and send samples whenever possible. For more information, read the recent PestFax report.

Barley leaf rust increasing in southern Western Australia
Friday July 3, 2015

Several reports have been received of barley leaf rust in the Albany and Esperance port zones, according to PestFax.

Cereal rusts on volunteer regrowth – WA
Friday, July 3, 2015

Reports have been received of rust on regrowth of wheat, barley and oats over the previous week – wheat leaf rust and oat leaf rust on regrowth of both crops in Lake Grace region, wheat stem rust in Newdegate area and barley leaf rust on barley regrowth in Gnowellan area.

Click here to read the full article in WA’s PestFax.


The University of Sydney, Faculty of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, houses the ACRCP website.  This site includes a great range of information such as the Cereal Rust Reports and pathogen survey results. Click here to view.

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