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The official Rust Bust brochure, Management Strategies to benefit you, your neighbour and your industry, has been updated in September 2015. This comprehensive guide offers practical tips and strategies to bust rust this season. Click here to view an online version of the booklet.

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Fact sheets

The Rust Bust has also developed fact sheets for SA, NSW, Victoria and WA. Please click on the links below to be taken to a PDF version of the A4 fact sheet.

SA The Rust Bust Fact Sheet_SA

WA The Rust Bust Fact Sheet_WA

NSW The Rust Bust Fact Sheet_NSW

Victoria The Rust Bust Fact Sheet_Vic

If you would like copies of the booklet or fact sheets for grower meetings or field days, please contact

Case studies

Aegilops peregrinum plant

Aegilops peregrinum plant

If the deadly Ug99 stem rust arrived in Australia tomorrow, more than 60% of the country’s wheat varieties would be susceptible and have no effective resistance to the debilitating disease.

Thankfully, scientists like Dr Ian Dundas from the University of Adelaide’s cytogenetics laboratory are working on preventing this occurring by developing new rust resistant genes to be bred into modern wheat varieties.

Click here to read about Dr Dundas’ work.

Max Brown and his son Steve

Max Brown and his son Steve

Do you remember the 1973/1974 stem rust epidemic? It caused an estimated $300 million damage across southern Australia.

Max Brown, an 81-year-old farmer from Wolseley remembers seeing headers turn red from the rust dust.

Click here to read Max’s story or watch the video.




GRDC resources

Wheat Rust – The Back Pocket Guide

This back pocket guide is designed to help you identify the three wheat rust diseases by their different symptoms. Simply hold a suspect leaf next to the photos to identify which rust.

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Adult Plant Resistance – APR is a useful trait to consider in variety selection. Understanding how it works can make fungicide application decisions easier. Click here to view the fact sheet on the GRDC’s website.

Green Bridge – The essential crop management tool – green bridge control is integral to pest and disease management. Click here to view the fact sheet on the GRDC’s website.

Fungicide Timing – Location influences foliar fungal disease control options. Click here to view the fact sheet on the GRDC’s website.

Taking Care With Foliar Fungicides – This fact sheet contains details on foliar products that contain the triazole fungicide, tebuconazole, and helps explain MRL management. Click here to download.

Stem Rust of Wheat – Seasonal conditions drive outbreaks. Click here to view the fact sheet on the GRDC’s website.

General Rust Links

The University of Sydney’s Plant Breeding Institute also has a number of helpful rust resources. Click here to view this site:

Variety Guides

Visit the Rust Bust Variety Guide page to download your region’s variety guide. Click here to be redirected.


While rust is no laughing matter, we have tried to liven up our rust communications with ‘Rusty Man’. Check out our cartoons.


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